It has been really, really cold outside and we have all been sick

lack of eventfulness= lack of posts

Literally this is all I have of the kids so far this week

and puzzle mania

Yeah, pretty pathetic, I know

OOOOH, but I just remembered I never posted about my pantry redo, that’s fun right???


The pantry was green like the cabinets used to be…SEE

Here she is, a brand new baby, my parents had just dropped her off

then we painted the cabinets last summer, got REALLY burnt out, and never painted the pantry to match

SO, a few weekends ago I finally mustered up the motivation and got it done

Aaaaaaand then I needed some new art work above the island, so I ordered these adorable prints off of etsy

I am really in to utinsils right now and I found the large fork at the thrift store to hang along side

SO here is the bigger picture of our dining/kitchen area

and YES I am still addicted to chalk board paint

I think Phillip is scared I might chalk board paint him while he is sleeping one of these days

an interesting thought…

I’ll leave you with one last funny

Our friend Chirs was visiting this past weekend and snapped this picture of the hubs and I

he said it reminded him of the painting “Farmer and His Wife”…

only the modern day version, haha

and yes, those are piles-O-laundry behind us

washed and folded: Friday

put away: Sunday

just keeping it real…


One thought on “we should buy stock in kleenex

  1. Wait. You mean people actually wash, dry, fold and put away laundry in the same day?! Huh. Quite a concept. It’ll never catch on. You’re in good company. (Hope everyone is feeling better too!)

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