I know I posted several months back about doing the play kitchen for charity thing and I still fully intend to, but first, a birthday gift for a sweet little girl.

Hazel’s friend Daisy (in the middle)

Here is Daisy’s play kitchen

side note:  I thought her birthday was February 11th

it is April 11th, so it is done WAY ahead of schedule


But I must say, I breezed through this one

Soooooooo much easier the second time around

Of course I forgot a before shot, but just so you know it was the PERFECT night stand for a play kitchen

sorry, already kind of primed with the sink cut out

making a pattern and tracing it on the wood for the back splash

notice the Dunkin Donuts product placement? I only wish they were paying me

enter my awesome Christmas present, thanks DAD!!

spray painted my milk caps, aka, oven knobs

traced CD for the burners and painted with metalic acrylic paint, it took about 14 coats 🙂

I mixed the pink by combining a red I already had with a TON of white

the oven rack

painters tape FAIL

although I kind of liked the effect so I didn’t redo

due to my novice/ imperfect cutting, there were lots of ridges in the backsplash


mod podge strips of scrap book paper

Oh and the oven burners are craft sticks spray painted black and cut to fit, glued on with wood glue

Here she is!  I found all of the final touches at the thrfit store

the oven handle: 50 cents

the pan: $1

the heart hook on the side: 25 cents

tiny metallic oven rack (not pictured): $1

I split the wood drilling the holes for the handles so I mod podged some flowers to cover up my boo boo

All done!

Happy Birthday Daisy!  I am sure it will look much cuter in a little girls room!


4 thoughts on “Play Kitchen #2

  1. Splitting the wood is a classic mistake but an easy fix for the future. Just drill pilot holes and you’ll hardly ever split the wood again. . . most of us have learned this one the hard way.

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