Caleb and Callum

1 year olds

one week apart


buds for life (hopefully)

We traveled down south for Caleb’s b-day party this past weekend.  Caleb and Callum are one week apart.  Since we thought it was silly to invite all of the family to a party in chicago 7 days later, we just decided to celebrate Callum’s Squibb- side, 1 year birthday, in Salem.  It was a weekend jam-packed with parties.  Sadly, I have no photos of Caleb’s party because I left my camera in the car.

Both parties were lots of fun, with GREAT food

(back at the gym first thing this morning)

Thank you to all of the family/friends who made long (and short) drives for this special birthday weekend

We greatly appreciated everyone who came!

I give you, the cupCAKE

And now it is on fire…

Singing and blowing out the candles, he had LOTS of help

Then he got to eat one…not too sure about it at first, he kept a safe distance away

then he sampled it, “hmmm, not too bad”

he made short work of it once he realized the sweet goodness

and when the sugar hit his blood stream things got a little fuzzy

silly guy.

Here is the birthday boy with mom and dad

Caleb, Callum and Scout (17 months)

Lots of people have asked about Callum’s tie

it was made by my good friend Katie



some of the party-goers

A big THANK YOU to my mother in law, Patty, who did all of the party planning

(I can only take credit for the cupCake masterpiece)

Now for some randomness…

Timm (phillip’s brother) and Caleb in their matching camo hats

Harley riding, because it was nearly 70 degrees!!!!

(no, they didn’t actually go anywhere, so stop having a heart attach dad)

Hazel and Finley riding the giant, slightly disturbing, horse over at the Blair’s house

and speaking of disturbing check out the look on Hazel’s face

One last shot, both Hazel and Callum LOVE the musical set from Becky, Jared and Ethan

Thanks guys!

it was out and in use first thing this morning

Thank you again for a great weekend everyone!!!


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