Hazel has never really warmed up to the idea of having a brother.

I truly think she cares deeply for him, but at this point in time cannot properly express those emotions.

Most days involve a lot of screaming at her brother to stop touching her toys and multiple time-outs for brother abuse.   Occasionally there are sweet moments that I lock away in my heart.

Regardless, Callum cannot get enough of Hazel.  He wants to be by her ALL the time. When he hears her voice from the next room he sets off to find her.  Whenever she enters the room he is overjoyed to see her.  It is really quite touching but also a little sad to know that she doesn’t necessarily reciprocate that same excitement upon seeing him.

This picture sequence about sums it up…

He keeps coming back for more even after a choke hold and being thrown from the car.

And SHE is the one crying

I will never understand


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