I had really high hopes for this vintage record cabinet.

I had my eye on it at the thrift store for quite sometime, but $35 was a bit out of my price range, so you can imagine my elation when a few weeks ago I noticed the new “reduced” sticker and a new price tag of $15!!!!

It came home with me

We repaired the broken door

and actually SANDED, a big step for me, miss instant gratification, too many steps in the transformation process tend to bore me away from projects

Suffice to say, it was a huge step to have sanded, repaired, removed old hardware/filled holes, AND primed!!!! (My dad was helping doing most of the work darn quality control!!!)

well the paint did not take well, it took a good 3 coats even with the primer and then the paint started to look clumpy and ugh.

I am still not entirely pleased with the finished project.  After all that work, it should be perfect.  Lesson learned. I am going back to my old impatient non priming and sanding ways.

Here is where we are today.  We have come a long way.

My mom found the knobs in the clearance isle at TJ maxx, $7 for 8 knobs, quite a deal!



2 thoughts on “eh, it’s done

  1. painting over veneer is tough, even with primer. Although, in the future I’d recommend (if you want a shortcut) using simple rustoleum spray paint. Sounds stupid, but it worked the best out of almost all the primers I’ve used (the BBQ Black one). Then, come back with a regular primer and you’ll be good.

    OR, get your primer tinted from the start.

    Also, check out General Finishes Milk Paint. Covers think and finishes smooth. Plus they have great colors. (check on amazon).

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