A little update.

Last week we were at my parents and had a great time.  Here are some more pictures of our last night in town.

Mom was reading one of my all-time favorites “Mr. Bells fixit shop”

and good news, I think Hazel loves it as much as I did

Afghanis, hehe

We went to Monkey Joes with my cousins and Hazel had a great time playing with Shay and Addison.  It was so cute to see them jump around together.

Hazel and Addi, adorable

lots of steps to the top

“you go first.”

“No, you go first.”

Callum and Boopa even got in on the action

When we got back on Friday it was family fun night at Phillip’s school. Hazel got her face painted for the first time

fyi, It was done by a student, its balloons if you can’t tell

Then today was a free day at a local preschool we are considering.   So, Hazel had her first, but not really, day of school.  3 hours and she did great!

Off to school!

Another new blog below!


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