We have been super busy around these parts as of late.

Fun busy-ness, the best kind.   I have lots of catching up to do so here is a recap from last week.

We started last week off with some fun art projects, finger/hand painting!

Callum had some bonding time with Dora.  He loves playing with her while looking out the door, his two favorite past-times.

We tried to get some packing done for our upcoming trip.

That was pretty much a wash

But Callum did remember to pack the sunscreen!

Then our company came!

Our friends Adam and Kate, from Texas.  We met them while working for Missoula Children’s theatre, fellow tour actors, now husband and wife.  We had so much fun with them!  Hazel espcially liked “Katie.”  We even got to have a date night with them AND Chris and Jess in the city.  Thanks to my wonderfully awesome friend Emily who watched the kiddos!!!  Thank you Emily, aka “Casey,” FOR REAL, we needed that.

Our date night rocked. We ate at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant, Tank Noodle.   I got my all time favorite, coconut and avacado smoothie, and of course, Pho, the best.  We then went and saw a show at Improv Olympics and capped the night off with hot chocolates from “Common Grounds” in Wrigleyville, another favorite spot.

Sunday morning Phillip made his signature sweet potato breakfast concoction and he and Adam had a sweet potato chop off.  That will probably be the last time Adam volunteers to help Phillip with anything ever again.  Can we say Hell’s Kitchen?

Kate and I stayed out of the way

All Hazel wanted to do was sit on “Katie’s” lap

Then the guys went flying.  The special Squibb skyline tour.

if you ever come visit he will take you!!!

BYOB (bring your own bag, as in barf bag)

(Navy Pier in the lower left corner)

While the guys were flying us girls (and Callum) got our shop on!

Then Sunday night we had a special birthday dinner at Leona’s for Adam and Phillip.   Phillip’s 30th birthday is today and Adam’s birthday is on Friday.  They each got their very own ice cream sundae AND a candle, so they didn’t have to fight over who got to blow it out.

We had a great visit Zrust’s!  Come back and see us anytime!


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