Buddy Boy






Beef Cake Aurelio (no idea)

All of these start with B, weird

none of these are derivatives in any way shape or form of his root name names

thats the funny thing about nicknames

anyway, he is really sweet and easy going

a real charmer, you would like him 🙂

My heart broke a couple weeks ago when he had his ear infection, he wasn’t himself………………….

at all

Lately he is back on his A game, although still drooling and snotting alot

I think he is getting another tooth, he already has 8, I mean how many more teeth does a 12 month old need?

now-a-days he LOVES getting into the cabinets.   Of course he has to take everything out first.

He LOVES his daddy

And a new first, smoothie!

He chugged it, even out of a toddler cup

he has really enjoyed all of the balloons still in the house from Daddy’s birthday

One constant as he continually grows and changes is his unfaltering love and admiration for his sister

whether she wants it or not 🙂

I love this little guy!


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