I haven’t been blogging a lot lately because….

1. we have been getting ready for our trip


2. I have been working on Hazel’s Vintage room redo.  Which I had hoped to reveal today after I scored a totally perfect dresser off of Craigs list.  However, the cleaning it requires before it is “room ready” is extensive, so the room reveal will be delayed.

Please accept some pictures of the cute kids as consolation 🙂

Never a dull moment around these parts….

Callum got stuck in the toy drawer this week

Hazel has been experimenting with photography lately, these are the best of about 40, most of which were of the ground…

couldn’t nap with Monkey because she was in trouble, she snuck baby into bed instead

monkeys all napping in the living room, kinda creeped me out a bit

Kids playing……nicely?  *gasp*


reason #3 I have no time for blogging, I am constantly picking up after this guy!!!

He can’t walk, but he did use the doctor case to help him get up onto the love seat, pretty smart little dude

Not sure if I have posted this one before, but I just love it.  Sitting in the window, watching the snow with her fairy wings on, dreaming of a warmer place??? 🙂



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