We live in a climate that experiences about 6 months of winter, so we were definitely looking forward to visiting someplace warm.

Puerto Vallarta was absolutely perfect.  The weather, the people, the accommodations, the company.  We had a splendid time.

There are many pictures to share and if a picture is worth a thousand words I guess I don’t need to write another thousand on top of that.  Here are some of the highlights.

1. The kids really enjoyed the water= they slept great and were well behaved=happy mama and daddy

playing in the fountain

2. Lots of quality time with Me Ma and Pa Pa

3. We ate at La Vista restaurant overlooking Puerto Vallarta and enjoyed some incredible fine dining

look at that food!!!! YUM

4.  We ventured into the city.  We crossed a rickety old bridge, TWICE, because Phillip thought it was funny.  We browsed the markets, walked down the board walk and got a coconut and some mango to snack on.

coconut face

feeding Callum Mango on the fly

Puerto Vallarta was awesome.

Part two coming soon…



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