I felt the need to express myself…

My intent for the blog yesterday was to provoke thought.

Asking questions about things I don’t think any of us have the answers to exactly

I was not looking for affirmation or sympathy

or trying to be alarmingly deep (which I might have been) šŸ™‚

writing is my medium for artistic expression

I am dramatic by nature šŸ™‚

I love my children fiercely

I want to keep it real here

Life is not always sunshine and cupcakes, but it is pretty great and we are blessed beyond measure

We are beautifully imperfect

and I love that

no good segway into….“Now look at these cute pictures of the kids!!!”

rice face

Callum, mommy, Mooma and Hazel

Matisyahu, great concert

we even found seats right up front!

acoustic and an intimate venue, we loved it

potato heads with Mooma and Boopa

He’s a double fist-er

bubble blowing

my new favorite pictures

yellow and green+ Callum= happiness

Happy Hump Day!!!!!


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