It may be August before I finish the totally perfect (but nasty) Craig’s list dresser for Hazel’s room.  But the vintage vibe is still strong without it so I thought I would post some pics of where we are in the process of the mini room makeover.

Still, we have come a looooong way from this

from 2006, when we originally bought the house, yack!  I joked that the lady who owned the house before us must have birthed all of her children on the carpet because it was really that nasty.  Gross.

don’t cry mom, we made it better 🙂

This room was my inspiration I love the neutral walls and colorful vintage look.  It is simple yet really cute and seemed like something I could pull off, which was the main selling point.

Of course I added some of my own ideas throughout the process some worked, some didn’t

Like this huge frame I found at the thrift store and spray painted it turquoise then used it to frame a gallery (of sorts) above her bed.

The gallery is made up of meaningful pieces.  A plate with Hazel’s silhouette along with some of her original art  in the far right corner.  The fish is a chalk drawing we got in New Zealand  from an artist friend of Laura’s and the prints I ordered from Etsy.

I fell in love with this mini vintage desk at the thrift store.  It is really tiny, just Hazel’s size.

I sanded it down and now I think I might want to paint it bright?  What do you think?

Remember the chair redo? It is perfect in this corner

Also I love this mirror I found at a thrift store by my parents and spray painted the same color as the frame

plus more Hazel art above the chair

the quilt was at my parent’s house and belonged to my great grandma… I think??

And that is an original Mun chi chi, mine from childhood, yep, I am so old my childhood toys are considered vintage

made this in ten minutes using fabric scraps, some ribbon and a hole punch, thats how I roll, hehe

There is still lots of cuteness to reveal….I just don’t know when that will happen…

oh, I forgot to mention the headboard, which I found in the neighbors trash and spray painted

Hope you like it so far!


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