We are back from our Easter trip to Salem.  It has become a bit of a tradition to spend Easter with Phillip’s family.  For three years now we have enjoyed sharing this special holiday with his, ever increasing, side of the family.  As usual, all of the little ones were hilarious and cute beyond words.  I could sit for hours and watch them all play and interact.  We had a very nice visit and, of course, we hit all of our favorites like Pizza Man and Chicos.  Food is always a big part of our visits and it showed this morning at the gym as I climbed onto the scale to find I had gained back a pound after three days away, oh well, it was worth it.

Of course we have lots of pictures to share from the fun filled weekend.

Kids table pow wow

We got up bright and early Saturday morning for the egg hunt at the church.

done in about 2 minutes

We made a quick trip to see my friend Joy from college and her family.  We had a lovely dinner with them and colored Easter eggs.  Hazel and Alexis were hilarious.

Callum and Matthew had a good time too

Easter morning we went to church, had a family lunch and hunted for more eggs

Hazel and Finley after church

a partial family shot after church

best attempt out of about 20 for a full family shot

More egg hunting

 Timm and Caleb

Hope no one got carried away by all the tornadoes we experienced here in the mid-west this weekend

I was sure glad we weren’t flying out of Lambert airport in St.Louis!


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