Phillip’s parents came into town this past weekend to help watch the kids so we could go to a wedding in Aurora. Phillip’s brother Timm and his wife Kendra had also planned to be out of town so we had double booked the grandparents for the same weekend!  Since no grandparent can ever say no to an opportunity to watch their grandchildren Caleb came with them for the weekend.

We all had such a fun time

Saturday was a lot of fun.  There was a 7 hour gap between the wedding and reception and since we were 40 minutes away we made a date of the whole day.  We hit the outlet mall, got some new running shoes and even saw a movie…Water for Elephants was great.  Then we headed back to the reception for a lovely dinner and dancing.  We had a great day and the kids relly enjoyed their time with Me Ma and Papa.  I stole some pictures from MeMa’s camera to share.

Caleb loved the car

jumping on the trampoline…with a little assistance

a stroller built for two

Cal man and Me Ma

couch potatoes

Sunday lunch

Caleb was so tired he was resting on the table

I offered my hands as a pillow

Hazel was just being her usual Hammy self

Funny side story:

See that cute dress?

Well, its new, although I have washed it

after chuch on Sunday the concerned teacher in the preschool room said when she took Hazel to the restroom there were underwear attached to the inside of her dress.  Apparently the bloomers that came with the dress, unbenounced to me, were still attched to the inside.

Not on her,mind you, just hanging around in there

I would like to say this is the first time this has happened…or even the second, I never seem to remember to check dresses for them, then I wash them and find them months later, still attached

probably kind of uncomfortable for Hazel… poor thing


One thought on “(late) Weekend update

  1. The bloomer story is hilarious, I needed a good laugh out loud moment:)(Especially after just returning from Greenville helping Brandon hunt for an apartment…working finances with that kid is enough to send anyone over the edge

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