Phillip says I told him Mother’s Day was on May 11h, needles to say… he was slightly uprepared today.

Which is fine, I am not his mother….just the mother of his beautiful children 🙂

But all I demand  ask for on Mother’s Day, is to sleep in and NO POOPY DIAPERS

Although they tried to let me sleep in, Callum’s chirps and Hazel’s incessant whining only allowed me a few extra winks, oh well, I felt rested.  Also, the beautiful sunshine coming in through the window was too exciting to ignor.  I had to peel open the shades and soak it in.  No sooner did a shuffle into the kitchen did Phillip abruptly shove me out the door so I could go to the gym and he and the kids could run some “errands.”

I decided to run at a nearby nature preserve and it was just beautiful.  The sunshine, the baby geese and their crazy mamas, the lake… serenity.

When I got home the hubs had prepared this for breakfast.

some kind of egg casserole role with sweet potato chips sprinkled with cilantro. YUM

it was absolutely wonderful and the chef’s not too bad either

Hazel and I modeling with our incredible food

(oh, and we aren’t lushes, the Jack Daniel’s in the back ground was the raffle prize we won at the end of the year, school party)

We enjoyed the beautiful day playing outside

Late in the afternoon, Callum and Phillip went to Menards to pick out some special flowers for the yard while I got my summer clothes out of the attic unveiled my spring summer clothing line

They were gone a long time

apparently alot of  thoughtful reflection went into selecting the new flowers in our yard

by the end of the day their hard work had paid off and our yard is definitely channeling summer.

The kids worked hard as well

notice the V of drool down to his belly button, he is getting yet another tooth

Callum also ate his first clump of dirt today *single tear* we were so proud

…I kept telling him is wasn’t a cookie, but he had to find out for himself…

 lesson learned.

busy bee

We also went through the Dunkin Doughnuts drive-through and our neighbor was in front of us in line,

he paid for my coffee, now that’s a great day!!!


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