Okay so I posted about this guy a while back.  I said that I had finished it, but wasn’t necessarily happy with the outcome.  Well Sunday I sold this gal on Craigs list….

and was really in a bind for storage in the front room so I had to figure out a way to LOVE this in the most visable room of the house.  I am happy to report I am extremely pleased with the outcome.

Here are some pictures of the looong journey.

In all her glorious thrift store beauty

After sanding and painting and painting and painting this was what we got

okay, but didn’t really match the room.  Also the doors, with the new hinges and 15 coats of paint, didn’t close right

 I tried to just repaint the doors to better match the room…

disgraceful and BLECH!

Off the doors went!!! And… oooh, I kind of liked it.  I got some vintage thrift store fabric and made a curtain to cover the bottom chaos of toys and whala!  I kind of love it!

$15 for the cabinet

$0.50 for fabric

approx 27 hours of painting and sanding

AND a lot of headaches later

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