Callum is in to everything these days.  There is no drawer he won’t open, no trash can he won’t hesitate to stick his hand in a grab out whatever he can.  He is making messes everywhere.  Somedays I feel all I do is follow him around and clean up.

He loves getting out ALL of the shoes at least 15 times a day

word to the wise:  Don’t dare leave your purse/diaper bag within his reach, he will soon unload  its contents all around the house and eat anything that looks like food.

He also loves getting into the cabinets.  The other day was Callum vs tortilla chips, guess who won??

apparently he thinks this is hilarious

they were from Trader Joes, I may have cried a little…or a lot

He is all boy…eating cheerios off the ground without even batting and eye

dousing himself with milk at his meals…

But hey, don’t they say brilliant people are often the messiest?

mmmm…..maybe not.

I love love love my messy man


One thought on “Messy Man

  1. Can I just say he looks alot like Phil in this last shot. lol And I have a slight warning…Brandon is 23 and still is messy, I think it’s part of who they are.

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