Okay, of course I don’t mean literally but what else can you call it when the medicine cabinet looks like this???

Yeah…I know

I have been putting this off for a looooong time, because, well, it’s a not at all fun project.

But I have been in the Spring cleaning mood lately so I took advantage and got to work with my sidekick.

Callum thought we should put everything in the blender and chant “will it blend?” I cautioned him against that. Who knows what kind of an explosion can result from blending expired perscription drugs and peptobosmol.

Apology: Of you have visited us and ever needed any medication of any kind I hope you lived to tell about it.  This was a full grocery bag full of way expired meds. Note: None of the kids meds are expired.  I am not that terrible of a person

Here we are 5 hours later (or twenty minutes).  Labeled and extremely downsized.

Notice the PMS lable, those are Phillip’s initials,  not a whole container for womanly meds.  Just thought you should know.

Pretty exciting stuff, organizing the medicine cabinet.  However boring, I fell a great sense of accomplishment.  I promise the next post will be WAY more fun.  I have developed a hair bow making addiction and they are cute!


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