Is three too young to make her start doing her own laundry?  sheesh! This girl…

Her pile

Is it wrong to make chocolate chip cookies at 9am AND eat them for breakfast on a really rainy day?

Am I a terrible mom for: A.putting this on him and B. Thinking it is hilarious?

just for the record, he got it out of the closet

How cute is this???

dualing magna doodle-ing and stank eye giving

how long overdue is this new pantry art?

Well, considering this “happy birthday Callum” was up until yesterday I would say, oh, about 3 months.  Clearly not top on the priority list, but those of you who have visited lately and commented on it… uh hem, CHRIS, BILL, THE WRIGHTS, not to name any names……

This is for you 🙂

Last question….Have YOU entered the giveaway yet???

Today is the last day to enter!!

Have a wonderful and SAFE Memorial Day weekend!


One thought on “A few questions

  1. On behalf of Bill, The Wright’s and myself, the art mural looks wonderful. We will look forward to see our next work of art in the winter!

    Love the picture of Callum in the one piece. It is so cute now, but when he becomes a teenager he will destroy this picture. Good thing you put it on a password protected blog post.

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