We will be in Des Moines this weekend watching Dorian run his final collegiate races (hopefully that’s plural) at Division 1  NCAA T&F Nationals.  I said I would post info for all those interested in tuning in and cheering him on.  Track and Field could always use a few more enthusiasts.

We are not yet sure if any of the networks will have coverage, CBS did a couple of years ago so if you are interested in watching the races via television check out your local network listings, otherwise you can watch the free live streaming at NCAA.com 

He runs his prelim of the 1500 on Thursday June 9th,  at 6:15pm Central time

Then Hopefully again in the final on Saturday June 11th, at 12:30pm Central time

He would appreciate you sending good thoughts his way in this final leg of his collegiate journey!  Thanks everybody!


One thought on “NCAA D1 T&F Nationals

  1. so leroy sends me some link. being obedient , i go. “what are a couple of kids doing on a
    track page? ” they look familiar. Wow this site has dorian right there on the home page.
    GREAT coverage for the kid…….wait a minute??? I’ll be back.

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