We purchased a  juicer over 2 years ago, then we had a cookout one fall evening and that was when the brilliant idea of “name that juice” came to Phillip.  He blended up various combinations of exotic fruits and vegetables, made people drink them, then they would guess what was in the concoction just consumed.  The drink tasting was mostly fun, although at times disgusting and dry heavable.   This 4th of July, back by popular demand…”name that juice 2.”  The rules were more complicated and extensive.  The point structure was confusing and rediculous and the drinks were as creative/disgusting as ever, enter cantalope and onion….And the winner…..the reigning champion…

Mr. Christopher Chamblee!!!!!!!!

I must mention there was an optional 4 point penalty if one chose to look at a word bank with all of the fruits and vegetables used.  Mr. Chamblee did not use this wordbank and still managed a whopping 10 points.  His talented taster remains unmatched in ability to decipher tastes and sigle out individual ingredients.  A true rare gift indeed.   We salute you Chris!!!! 🙂

A few more shots of the party….

Thanks to some awesome friends for letting us borrow the blow up jumper

He couldn’t find his “freedom” t-shirt.  So he decided the wife beater and mullet wig was the 2nd best option for his cookout attire.

name that juice victims contestants

he even added food coloring to cause further confusion


he was dancing as the marching band played

She was pretty sceptical about running into the street for a tootsie roll.

Hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th.  Thankfully the smoke had finally cleared from our neighborhood this morning.


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