Today was monumental for Callum.  In his 16 months of life he hasn’t ventured much out of the 25th percentile…beside his head size.  Today was a late 15 month check-up and he had grown by leaps and bounds.  In fact, his height is now in the 75th percentile and his weight finally in the 50th. FYI: I really dislike the whole percentile comparison game aka my baby is bigger therefore healthier and better than yours.  However, for Callum, I felt this a small victory.  Not that i am in any hurry for him to grow up, but as he gets bigger he becomes less of a target for his sister.  Watch Out Hazel.

Convo with the always entertaining, Dr.Kim and nurse, at today’s appointment

Dr. Kim: “The baby’s hair is so long Momma”

Me:  “I know”

Dr. KIm:  “Why you not give a the baby a haircut Momma?”

Me: “His father won’t allow it”

Nurse: “Why? Does he want him to have a mullet?!!”

Me:  “Probably.”

Dr. Kim: “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, the baby need a haircut momma.”

So there you have it, it must be done……Doctors orders!!!!!

Here he is in deep thought in his adirondack chair by the fire pit


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