This Day

*We busted out the roller skates we got at the thrift store yesterday. (Pretty sure they are the exact ones I had as a child). Ever since Hazel saw a Curious George episode where he skated she has been asking for some “shapes.” She loved them….until she fell…on Callum.

*Hazel got a minor burn on her finger this morning (pancake making incident) she claims to be in excruciating pain.  After a morning full of hysterical crying, we finally went to Walgreens for some burn cream.  We stood in line for over ten minutes only to be told we would need to see our doctor since she is so little.  Seriously?  I mean this burn is literally the size of a bugger and I am supposed to call my doctor?  I know burns are painful, but my mommy medical knowledge tells me even a call to the doc is not necessary, she just needs some topical pain relief.  I persisted with wanting a good burn cream  recommendation. They refused to give me ANY info.  Then they gave me that judging “why is she REALLY burned” look and I I abruptly turned to Hazel and said “I guess we will just have to find it ourselves.”

Thanks for being ZERO help Walgreens….Once again, I am sticking with Target.  Every time I have asked a pharmaceutical question they have gone out of their way to be helpful.  Just saying.  When you claim to be a PHARMACY you might want to be more helpful meeting peoples Pharmaceutical needs.  End rant.

*Callum tried to climb into the sink today while simultaneously brushing his hair with Hazel’s toothbrush and eating soap.  He thought all of this was hilarious and had a major meltdown when he was busted.  Can a mother ever win?  We are the bad guys no matter what, even while saving a child from their own destructive devises.

*Callum and I did two sets of sit-ups together.  He is quite a character.

*My friend Anne and her family are moving to Colorado tomorrow.  We watched her daughter Daisy this morning so she could run some last minute errands.  Anne brought me an iced coffee.  This is true friendship 🙂

After our family farewell dinner last night, just seconds before most of them had meltdowns


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