I currently have ALOT of Starbucks bags laying around and was looking for creative ways to use them.   Last time my parents were in town my mom started reading some of the actual ideas printed on the bag itself.  I never even realized the bags said anything on them, yeah, not very observant.  So I took this idea….the sketch pad idea, and ran with it.

As I have mentioned Hazel’s friends Daisy is moving to Colorado which means a looooong car trip heading out there so I figured the sketch pad would be a good/useful going away gift.

I was really winging it, but I think it turned out pretty cute.

I cut the bag in half, punched holes for paper, cut some printer paper and used cute ribbon to tie it in.  I picked 4 prints of paper that looked cute together and cut various sizes of squares then glued them on mosaic style.

Sorry for the poor picture quality…

The mod podge is still drying

I never took any pictures of it after it finished drying, but you get the idea…

Its nice to have a sketch pad with handles.  Its extra portable.  I think I will make some for our car next.  Hazel is always looking for things to doodle on.


4 thoughts on “Up-cycled Starbucks bag

  1. This is really cute, love the idea! Might have to steal this idea too…thanks for always giving me great craft ideas 🙂

  2. You could also use the inside of the bag that doesn’t have print on it for projects. I have a craft book that you take brown paper (bag), cut out a shape(Make 2 for front and back) (ie: heart, flag, snowman), paint and embellish it (snowman-I painted, used buttons, coal, sticks), glue the edges together like stitching a pillow, leaving an opening for stuffing. Stuff with batting or whatever, seal up opening. Make a wire or ribbon hanger, punching two holes in the top-sides….and you have a door hanger, ornament, etc.

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