We were on the lookout for an inexpensive, cute, vintage-y dresser for Hazel’s room.  It’s kind of hard to get everything you want on the cheap, so we had to get creative. I stumbled upon a “nightstand” at the thrift store for $12.  It was pretty large and had one shelf on the inside.  Enter my talented father…

The cabinet was white with light purple doors and this picture was taken after lots of sticker removal.  It had apparently been very “Loved” by someone

Then my dad made three drawers for clothes storage!!! Now it is a functional little girls dresser….but still UGLY

In the words of my father “well at least the drawers are nice, but the dresser is a piece of junk.”

But I saw potential…………….

I had planned on buying new hardware but in the end was too lazy AND cheap.  I spray painted the hinges.

I did a lot of distress sanding and used a green paint we had on hand.

I filled the holes in the doors and drilled new holes for different pulls, which we also had on hand (I stole them from another nightstand in the house)

Callum helped vacuum off the doors after all the sanding

And here she is!  The finished product!  One of my favorite to date.

Hazel is loving picking out her own clothes

(her former hand-me-down dresser had difficult drawers, hard for even an adult to open)

One more time!!!



YAY for DIY projects with great outcomes!


5 thoughts on “Hazel’s Dresser

  1. Great job Amanda, and your dad…he is just plain awesome, those drawers rock! We now know where you get your handiness from 🙂

  2. Awesome! and kudos to dad too! I have those same drawer pulls for some project in the future, love Hobby Lobby:) Wouldn’t the front of those drawers be cute decoupaged, just a thought?
    Love it!

    • Thats the one! Actually we loved it for a while when she went through her “I want 15 different outfits a day” phase and she couldn’t get her clothes out. However, we have (thankfully) passed that now and she appreciates the independence of getting dressed without having to ask mom or dad to come and open her drawers every morning!

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