They waited out the rain and though it was stinkin hot and humid, it really was a beautiful wedding/ceremony.  It was simple yet elegant with beautiful flowers and artful touches so characteristic of Abby.  Although I watched most of the wedding in the house and side yard due to two simultaneous meltdowns just as the beautiful bride was walking down the isle (no joke, my kids have the best timing) it was still a beautiful thing to have shared.

They both said “I Do” Sheeew!

 off to the reception…just down the road

We were all showered and dressed up so here is our best attempt at a family shot at the wedding

They had a treat tables at their reception.  It was filled with yummy candies and other goodies for the guests to take home.  YES PLEASE!!  Hazel loved the crystal candy sucker.

Hugging Finley with an equally tight grip on her candy

With so much of the family in town we got all of the cousin’s off-spring together for yet another entertaining kid picture.  These never disappoint.  There were so many more entertaining ones too…

Kacey and Libby coordinated the adorable shirts.  Thanks gals!

Other weekend events included pool time and the county fair.

We went to the Salem pool and Callum even went down the baby slide by himself

Then it was off to the fair for kids day!

They loved petting the animals

and the carousel, although Callum aborted his ride early on

(you can see him dismounting in the background)

I think the heat index was setting records this weekend but we still managed to enjoy our HOT time down south




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