Our trip did not get off to a good start….

Day #1-We got a flat tire about an hour and a half out from Eureka Springs and spent about two hours entertaining our un-napped Children in a Wal-mart while they repaired our tire.  However, Phillip was quite creative, teaching the kids how to roll tires down the aisles and even using a stack of tires as a play pen to hold them captive for a brief while.  (I soooooo wish I had taken in my camera, but you can imagine). Although frustrating, I was extremely grateful we were within range of a cheap service center and it wasn’t dark.  We finally made it to our cabin around 8pm.

The cabin was really nice and homey

Day #2- Began with a crack, literally.  A HUGE limb broke from the tree sheltering Dorian’s new car and landed right on his hood!!!  Again, things to be grateful for,  it didn’t fall on any human beings (and insurance)!  Still, another set back.

The tree which stuck down Dorian’s car


Though we were leary of leaving the cabin after our bad luck so far, the day and week progressively got better.  The sun came out and we went boating on Table Rock Lake.  It was a perfect day.


boys being boys

Hazel somewhat enjoyed the water

snack break

Day #3- We visited downtown Eureka Springs to get our traditional Ulrey-Squibb family old fashioned picture taken.  Also, Hazel performed some stellar dance moves on the stage, while we tasted some of the sweet local flavor.

Day #4-Beaver Dam beach.  It looked like a sandy beach from the road…turns out, is was jagged rocks, not a lot of fun, but the water was nice.  Hazel refused to get in.

(We had to bribe her with a sucker to smile for this picture)

such a diva!

I should mention…Each night after the kids went to bed we had heated games of Yahtzee. Not to brag, but I won the week long tournament with a record setting score. I am pretty sure there was supposed to be a large cash prize which I never received 🙂

land slide!!!

Mom and dad planned some wonderful meals for us while we were there.  We only ate out one meal the whole week!  Luckily the recommendation to grab a burger at Sparky’s was a good one.  There was outdoor seating and an (unlimited) skeet ball game.  Perfect for a family with restless small children. We managed a dinner out with no melt downs!  Hooray!

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

I so enjoy the company of my family we had a wonderful time and look forward to the next family vacation!

A few parting shots

I leave you with our Ulrey-Squibb family old fashioned pics

Here is our first one from 2008

and the new 2011 family pic

Hope you find these at least somewhat as entertaining as we all do!!


One thought on “Arkansas Family Vacation

  1. Ha! That was brilliant. Loved it. Sorry it didn’t start out so well, but it looked like a blast in the end. Great family photos. Also… I see a trade dress in there. One that I made!!! Woo hoo! Love you xoxo

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