We made a snazzy dazzy summer list on our chalkboard painted pantry at the beginning of the summer…(an un-original idea I stole out in blog land).  However, it really was a great motivator to HAVE FUN while also feeling a sense of accomplishment for doing so.  I can happily report we accomplished 21 out of our 30 “summer fun things to do”.  Some we even did multiple times so maybe we can get some bonus points for those??  I must admit summer is not my favorite season so I am not really sad that it “went by too fast” (even though it did) Bring on the cool weather, changing trees and pumpkin spice lattes!!!!!!

Here are some shots I haven’t had time to post over the past couple of weeks, we will just bundle all of these under the “summer fun” category.

Monkey Joes with Becky, Haley, Mia and Megan

Phillip has been doing a stand up job of running daddy day care while I have been working. They have taken lots of field trips including both the Lincoln Park and Brookfield zoos and the children’s museum.  Here are some pictures he took of their outing to the Lincoln Park zoo two weeks ago.

Then there was the day we put Callum in a box

Then today we went downtown

Summer is winding down and I cannot believe Hazel will be starting preschool in a few short weeks!!!  Makes a gal feel old!


One thought on “21/30

  1. You have the most darling children, thanks for sharing your special moments, it is so fun to see the fun you have.

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