The day I had been anticipating… since last Wednesday when i found out about it, haha.  The weather was not looking good Saturday morning, but I had the itch, so we loaded up the kids and hit two sales before the storms blew in.  We even did the drive and drop by a couple of houses that looked really promising and had tents, but soon we headed back home to dry off.  About 1pm we headed back out and were pretty successful.

Nothing too amazing but here is our list of loot, $20 can go a looooooong ways!  Be prepared for randomness….

Here is what we came home with:

Heaps of fall clothes for the kids- probably spent about $15 on clothes throughout the day including a winter coat for Callum

vintage Samsonite suitcases, set of three- $5 (As I walked away the wife asked the husband how much he sold them for, he told her $5 and I heard her gasp….hehehe, another steal)

night stand-$5

side table/old piano bench- $1

Scrap book paper and supplies -$5

kids push mower- $1

8 brand new energy efficient 60w light bulbs (still in the box)- $2

some misc toys-$1

a kids book, puzzle, and a doilly-$1

And Last but certainly not least, the steal of the day this $5 vintage dresser!!! I practically ran to get Phillip when the guy told me they wanted five dollars for it, we loaded it as fast as we could.

Of course when I have a vision I get to work quickly so here are some shots of our newly revamped living room dresser/side table!


“I am so sad, please help me”-the dresser

“I promise I have a lot of potential waiting to be uncovered”-the dresser

“Perhaps you could sand me down and take off these TERRIBLE legs someone put on me???”-the dresser

so we did.  Phillip did some hard core sanding on this one

I painted and distressed……

Here she is!!!!

Our only cost was the five bucks we spent on the dresser.  We had the paint on hand and used the original hardware because it was cute!

love me some curves!

and a few more 🙂

I think she is happy with her new look

Happy Garage Sale-ing!!!

2 thoughts on “City Wide Garage SALE

  1. NICE!!! Have you looked at my fb page: Saundra’s Eclectic Treasures? Check it out on what I’ve been up to. Wished we lived near one another for garage saling! LOVE IT, and we search for the same kind of stuff…except I have no kids around to get for (sad face) but I been known to pick up a spiderman costume and batman cape from time to time.

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