Our friends who just recently moved to Colorado were back in town briefly for a wedding.   We tried to get the little girls (and moms) together as much as possible in the little time we had.

I am not sure how long we can get by entertaining the masses with our four foot pool, but we will sure keep on trying.

someone poured bubbles into the pool….

I tried to dilute the water but the bubbles just got huge and out of control

and the girls loved it, of course

So it became a pool/bath party


freezer pops…everyone gets the same color, no room for arguments

snack time, they swarmed to the the shark crackers like…well….SHARKS!

Callum even got in on the fun

fully clothed

On a completely unrelated note……..

PUMPKIN SPICE is back at Starbucks tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

But just at Chicagoland locations

Cause we are cool like that 🙂


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