I am in charge of crafts for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) this year and I am sooooooo excited.  This opens up a whole new blogging topic!  I have lots of ideas (mostly stolen from other blogs and people) mind you, and I plan on showcasing them here in case you are interested in seeing what we crafty moms will be up to this year.  Also, it will motivate me to be on the ball .

First project:  name tags

Request:  Moms dont like to poke holes in their shirts ( or so I am told) so stay away from the pin name tags.  hmmmmmm.  I searched google images for DIY name tags and didn’t get much, then decided I would search for DIY necklaces and see if I got any cute images on google, well I did!!!!

Here is what I found

How perfect is this?  The MOPS theme this year is game related, developing a mom strategy and having fun being a mom.  I think puzzle pieces fit perfectly with the theme!

Here is another cute idea

Gathering stray puzzle pieces is not hard in our house.  Although I did have to go to the thrift store and pick up a couple more sacrificial 50 cent puzzles.  Too bad so sad.

Quick directional run down:  poke hole in puzzle piece, trace the puzzle piece onto cute paper, cut, glue to puzzle piece, poke hole in paper, dstressed edges, stick on name letters, loop cord through hole, string beads, DONE!!!

Here is my version

Please excuse the unkempt model

Thats my name don’t wear it out, hehe

Hope my fellow moms like it!

Stay tuned for more craftiness to come!


6 thoughts on “MOPS Crafts

  1. So crafty! I’m excited to see what you come up with! We don’t do crafts at our MOPS group, but I did come up with this year’s center pieces for all the tables. (And forgot to take pictures when we were making them…I’ll take a few at our first meeting…they turned out pretty cute!)

  2. Amanda, this is SO cute! If we didn’t already have name tags for our MOPS I would totally steal this idea! Glad to hear you are still doing MOPS while you are working…you are a rockstar. Since you are the crafts coordinator thought I might mention we did a really cute welcome gift this year that was recreating boring clipboards into cute decorated ones! I am hospitality this year in MOPS so I made them and they were super easy!

  3. We may be stealing this idea!! we were just pricing typical lanyard name tags and they are WAY expensive! This would be really cute for us too — and maybe but our kids names and ages on the back (we like to include that for connection sake :))

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