Hazel is starting preschool on Monday!!!!!  She is going to school 3 half days a week in a 3 year old preschool class at a nature and discovery preschool.  I visited at least 4 other schools, but when I walked into this adorable building, with galoshes lining the shelves as far as the eye could see, I knew this was where Hazel needed to go.  It’s a fun learning environment in which kids can explore, breath fresh air (which is rare in these parts) and  develop a deeper appreciation of the beauty God has created in nature.  I am stoked!

We had our open house/barn dance on Saturday and got to meet her teachers, they seem very nice.  There were hayrack rides, hot dogs, a barn dance and of course, the farm animals!  It was a fun time for the whole family.  My mom even made the trip to join in the fun.

walking with daddy up the path to her preschool (single tear)

she might not know her letters, but the girl can sure cut, glue and craft!

playing on the acorn and leaf structure

bunny brushing

riding the painted llama

and there are no shortage of farm cats wondering the premises

attempting a family pic on the hay rack ride

I am sure there will be a few or a lot of tears on Monday, from both Hazel and myself, but I know this is the right decision and she is more than ready!

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