captured moments before she broke into hysterics

As predicted, Hazel cried and screamed at drop off time this morning.  At one point she was clinging to my leg like a spider monkey and I was literally trying to scrape her off of me.  Both her teachers were occupied with other upset first day-ers.  The preschool director must have seen then desperate look in my eyes and came to my rescue calmly asking  “Hazel do you want to go visit little bunny fufu?” to which Hazel replied with a clear and not at all hysteric “yes.”  And that was that.  She was fine.  I left.   At pick up time her teachers reported that she was great the whole 2.5 hours.  Even a little chatty.  Apparently she didn’t shed a tear after I left, played well with the other kids, and was very well behaved.   She shared lots of funny nonsensical stories the whole way home.  Despite all the morning drama I would say it was a good first day…..now lets see what Wednesday brings.

I am so grateful Phillip has Mondays off.  He and Callum played outside the school while I took Hazel into her classroom.  I knew if I had to be chasing Callum  AND comforting Hazel things wouldn’t end well.  She definitely needs undivided attention in situations like this and thankfully we were able to have that this morning.  

First, First day of school pics!!!

of course we couldn’t leave out this cute guy

fyi, she didn’t ride in the front seat. She just really likes climbing through the car and exiting out other, less convenient doors.  No idea…



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