I am sure Phillip still thinks I deliberately plotted to botch my  “one tiny snip off the strand that covers his eyes,” but I didn’t.  However, that’s what happened.  I was trying to help the poor boy and I snipped about 2 inches too many off of the huge strand of hair covering the front of his face.

Please let me plead my case!!!!  The Poor kid, couldn’t see a thing!  Probably why he falls so much.

Something had to be done after that unfortunate clip (not pictured), so I booked him an appointment at a kiddie salon.  However,  Phillip thought $15 for a kids cut was way too much…so I cancelled.  Enter daddy stylist.  In true Phillip form he watched a youtube video to gain some insight into cutting  hair.  After a one minute tutorial he felt confident enough to start cutting.

I had flashbacks to this scene

“are you seriously going to let him cut my hair?”

jelly bean drool, mmmmmm

Hazel helping Callum with some possible new hair styles

he was such a good boy

Elmo video was a good distraction

Phillip tried to convince me to let him leave the rat tail.  No way.

decided to go a bit shorter and get rid of the wings

locks we love

And here he is the next morning (watching Curious George)

and again, he looks so old!

I really can’t take this “kid” looking thing


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