Our annual trip to Minneapolis for scrapfest was this past weekend.  YAY!!!

Mom and I started going 5 years ago before kids.  Our trips have evolved over time, gradually involving less scrapping and more shopping and kid care taking.  However, this year, the lines were atrotious for all of the make and takes at scrapfest and there were NO GOOD SALES, so there wasn’t much scrapin’ OR shoppin’.  BOO.

We were really looking forward to having Hazel on the trip since she was finally old enough (or so we thought) to enjoy the indoor theme park, lego land, Rainforest Cafe, the pool at the hotel and so on and so forth, but sad to say, Hazel wasn’t that impressed.  In fact, we ended up leaving a whole day early. Sad.

My big purchase of the weekend????  Socks. Yes, it is true.  The kids both needed new ones and Old Navy had a good deal.  I am not gonna lie, I was pretty excited about it.

Of course we enjoyed our time together as always and a BIG thanks to my mom who, once again, sponsored this trip!  🙂 Thanks mom! XOXOXO

(My camera is not working right so please excuse the poor picture quality)

Pics from the weekend:

Woody in lego land


she was so excited to go to the pool…until she dipped her toes in and was ready to go

throwing pennies (quite dramatically)

Posing in a giant scrap book page

indoor theme park.

Definitely the highlight of the weekend for Hazel.  The faster the ride the better.

Also, a  special thanks to my mother- in- law , who came into town and watched Callum while we enjoyed our girls weekend.  Thanks a lot Patty!  

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