I love fall!  We have been really busy lately.  I have been working a lot and our weekends are jam packed with fall festivities.  I am also watching two little boys on Tuesdays now, taking mandolin lessons and cousin Megan is staying with us for the next few weeks.  Needless to say, there is A LOT going on, but good stuff…well, besides the working…but that isn’t that bad.  Here is a quick photo journal of our past couple of weeks and weekends.  Sorry for the lack of blogging!

Elim Dutch Festival

Fall Festival at The Farm

baby chick holding

popcorn sharing….

or not

Amazing Garage Sale Find, Marilyn Zapp sketch

Callum continues to get into EVERYTHING and by any means necessary

Dad and Phillip got tickets to the Bears/Packers game, executive suite!

although I think they were both more excited about the free food and drinks than the game

Hazel’s art creations continue to evolve, her faces now have eyebrows!

and Callum has been requesting to do this alot

only one success so far

we don’t push it, only when he wants to

And lasy butt not least (hehe, pun intended)

The Palos Pet Parade

i had to work, but Phillip and Megan took the kids

Callum kept saying “moooooo”

Giant scary penguin

hope you don’t have nightmares about this tonight

also, who has a penguin as a pet?

Anywho, hope you enjoy the 5 bazillion pictures, I will try to be better about that!



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