I havent been blogging a lot lately for a couple of reason….

#1 my camera is dying a slow death, picture quality has been el crap-o.  It’s been almost 4 years and I have abused used it a ton.  Maybe parents husband santa will bring me a new one?

#2 our whole house has been sick.  Even Megan.  All of us have colds and Callum, the over achiever that he is,  has croup and an ear infection.  Needless to say,  it has been one giant snot fest over here.  Don’t you want to come visit?

However, after I finally found the perfect round mirror for my sunburst mirror I couldn’t let a little aching head and nasal drip keep me down.  Using the nesters tutorial (because I have no original ideas) I got to work.  Five sheets of cardboard and lots of hot glue later I had this pretty little lady hanging on the wall.  Not bad for $2.50!

Here is the Nesters version

and the tutorial

Here are some other low quality pictures of mine

Not sure she will stay on our wall, but for now it’ll do

Scored that mirrior for $1 at the At Home America Warehouse sale!

That’s a whole other blog topic to come!

Here is a cute model


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