As if our lives haven’t been hectic enough, Callum went and got the worlds worse diaper rash over the weekend.  I will spare you the descriptive details, but it was so bad I called the doctor back after they had agreed to “squeeze” me in for a 5:50pm time slot and begged to get in earlier.

Long story short, after one quick look,  the doctor quickly perscribed me a more high powerd cream then what we had been using called Vusion “Its pricey,” she said “so I will give you a coupon, I believe in coupons.”  This was her attempt,I believe, at assuring me she is just a regular mom like me, living on a budget, putting me at ease by relating our commonalities..and  after all she said “pricey”, not ludicrous, not obscene..

Fast forward an hour

We went to pick up the script and I whipped out my coupon to which Megan (my wise couson, who is also a nurse) exclaimed “This looks like it came straight from a drug rep.”  (aka a sales person who bribes/coerces doctors to perscibe their meds).  In a nutshell.  Oh well I thought, it was still a $25 coupon, so maybe at the worst this cream would be around $30.  Oh how wrong I was.  The pharmasist said they did not have this cream and they would call and ask another store.  They were able to locate it and just as I was heading out excited to have a butt remedy in hand I asked “oh and how much will it be?  “289,” the pharmascist replied. Gasp, “2-8-9 ,as in hundred?”  I asked.   “Yep.”  “With my coupon and insurance???”  “Yep”.  FOR A DIAPER RASH???????   My blood pressure immediately spiked to a severly unhealthy level.

Megan went into immediate action, she read the small print drug rep card and said “it looks like all thats in this miracle cream is essentially vasaline, zinc oxide (desitin) and monistat.”  So after a few phone calls to some other people in the know, and a bit of internet research, we resolved we would make our own concoction.  Long story short, once again and $10 later we have a nearly cleared baby bottom.  If you could have seen the improvement from Monday till now you would be amazed.

Lessons learned

1.  Trust your instincts if something seems off, it probably is.  $300 for diaper rash cream is wrong and from the devil.

2.  Don’t be affraid to ask questions.  Are there other options?  Like besides a $300 cream, perhaps a $10 home remedy?????  I mean seriously!!!!!!  I always assume my doc knows best and has our best interests at heart, which they usually do, but don’t assume.

3.  Seek wise counsil, get a second third and fourth opinion, we always know someone who knows someone in the know, use the resources available.

And lastly…….

4.  Have a wonderful and wise cousin live with you….for as long as possible.  Thank you Megan.  You saved us this week in so many ways.  We are so grateful to have you here!


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