Last year for my birthday Phillip surprised me with a trip to Colorado.  This year we decided to go again and Colorado did not disappoint, another fabulous trip.  My parents and Megan (my cousin) watched the kiddos, THANK YOU, and Phillip and I had 4 full days to ourselves in the Rockies.  It was pretty great.

I was excited to get back to the kids, but when we left, I really felt home sick.  We have always said we want to live in Colorado someday, but especially after this trip, the mountains seem to more and more be working their way into my heart.  Someday, someday…..

We divided our time pretty evenly between Estes Park and the greater Denver area.

We flew into Denver Thursday night and stayed downtown and took in a show “Blind Date”, which was rediculously funny, I literally cried I was laughing so hard.  We also got to visit with Casey B!  Yay!

Then Friday and Saturday we trapsed around Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes and stayed in a great B&B just outside of town which I highly recommend if you are headed to that area.

Saturday for dinner we met up with our good friends Anne and Kevin, who moved to Colorado in July.  It was so good to catch up and our dinner was great.

Then Saturday night we got the pee scared out of us at a crazy zombie haunted house in Denver.  I am not sure why I do that to myself….but I love it for some sick and twisted reason.

Then Sunday we strolled around downtown Boulder with Casey and Mike.  We did some window shopping lots of eating and overall fun having.  Good times.  We quick dropped by to chat with Phillip’s cousin Kristie and her husband Alex and daughter at their house outside of Boulder.

Never mind the 20 inches of snow that had fallen a few days previous to our arrival in Estes Park.  We still hiked and enjoyed all the spendor of a mountain snow.

As you know I got a new camera for my birthday and I literally took 300 pics on this trip.  I will try to narrow it down for blog sake….

Casey B.  The one and only.

Estes Park!

check out that zoom lens!

love me some tall trees

Ack! 🙂

Just inside The Rocky Mountain National Park

snow.  lots of it.

ill prepared for snow hiking

Beautiful awesomeness.

some more awesome beauty


us, freeeeeeeezing

half way to Alberta Falls, our big 2 mile hike

stopped to move some troublesome boulders along the way

made it!  Alberta Falls is in the background, froze over.  It was still beautiful though.

This actually happened.  In the middle of the road, on our way back to town

Beautiful chapel

As always, one of the highlights of our trip, the prairie dog field outside our hotel

have I mentioned how much I LOVE my new camera!!!!!

eggs benedict at the hotel.  Phillip has been anxiously anticipating going back and getting these at our hotel’s restaurant.  They did not disappoint.

us with stick/bush/plant man downtown Boulder

one parting shot with the fishbowl mode

Oh Colorado, how we love you!!!!


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