The amount of pictures I take with this camera is sick I tell you SICK!

Here are my favorites of the 500 bazillion pics I shot from our Halloween-ing festivities

Pumpkin Painting.

waiting for inspiration to strike

 a very good pumpkin painter

she was intense.

very focused.

and so was he.

although he did eat more than he actually painted onto the pumpkin

it must have been good because he took several bites

good thing he had the non-toxic paint.

we tried to get him to stop, but he wouldn’t listen.

then he started painting his face.

look at that painting stance

Halloween night

so much fun

They both loved trick or treating

The kids had a system.  I kid you not

Hazel would ring the door bell

Callum would stand behind the door and ambush our friendly neighbors once they knelt down with their candy bowls.  He had no shame. He double, sometimes triple, dipped.  We had to apologize, give candy back and carry Callum away from nearly every porch.

The frog prince and princess

the frog prince (crown made by hazel)

And Princess

wait for it, wait for it………


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