Okay, Okay so I know I am waaaaay behind.  We have been busy, but nothing really blog worthy besides that we have a new addition to the Squibb family, Timm (Phillip’s brother) and his wife Kendra welcomed their second into the world on the 2nd, welcome baby Grant!

Hazel also had her very first grandparent’s day at school this week so Mema Papa and cousin Caleb came into town.

Here are some of the highlights from the last several days

Breaking out Megan’s silly glasses again

Aaaaaaaand Callum strikes back!!!!!

Cause who needs toys when you have a whole pantry of cans

a loving (and blurry) cousin choke hold hug

a cold blustery day

Callum’s version of the “stank eye” or his male model pose, can’t be sure

silly girl

these kids…..

kids in a basket

sleepy babe

bedtime reading, apparently a very dramatic part in the story

bathtime boy

oh how I love this child, but ewww

thanks for the shots Megan!


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