We are blessed.

every. single. day.

even if if I am grumpy, sleep deprived, stressed, busy, etc.  Blessed.

I am so thankful for a family, both immediate and extended, that I love to pieces.

for a refrigerator full of food.

and clean water.

warmth and shelter.

I am so thankful this Thanksgiving for God’s abundant blessings in my life.

It is to Him that I give thanks.

We had a small gathering this year.  Just us, my parent’s and Phillip’s childhood friend, Michael.  It was a nice, laid back affair.

My mom cooked everything.  Thanks mom.

Thanksgiving Turkey art.

Thanksgiving day motorcycle ride, Michael and Philip.

the kids table.

Thanksgiving discovery=black olives fit on tiny fingers

then while the adults were talking, Hazel rolled her mashed potatoes up into balls descending in size……

she is so artistic, even with her food.

Then the kids and Mooma made some cheerio garland for the kid tree.

We went to lake Katherine to take some Chirstmas card pics because Michael has a REALLY nice camera.  We haven’t seen the shots he got yet, but here are a few my dad snapped.

We don’t know these dogs, or these people.  But they made Callum very happy.

Coming to a Christmas card near you….

the photographer in action

It was windy.  and cold.  But the kids did pretty good.  Although it was impossible to get them each to look at the camera.  Not when there were ducks and dogs constantly walking by.

This was supposed to be a couple shot, but Callum refused to be left out.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving one and all!  


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