My son’s new nickname.

In the last two weeks he has chipped two teeth in seperate, unrelated events

tooth be told, I don’t really even know when the first tooth-chipping occurred

I only noticed it when we were outside one afternoon.  He was laughing and something just looked peculiar about him. Snaggle tooth?  How did that happen?  no idea.  Mother of the year folks, mother of the year.

literally 30 seconds with the dentist and $80 later , he is fine.  We just have to wait 3 years for it to fall out.  So now we live with The Count, as in Dracula.  Oh well, he is a bottom teeth smiler anyway……….

Fastforward to last night.  The kids are playing, NICELY.

Callum has a little plastic cup and he tosses it on the floor.  Hazel suggests they roll it back and forth to one another (how sweet).  Maybe I can attempt to fold some laundry before they….nope.  Next thing I know she is literally dropping the cup from the sky onto her brothers head, oh wait ,make that his bottom tooth, which deflects the cup nicely.  Chipped tooth #2. Seriously?

There you have it.  Two chipped teeth in less than two weeks. Must be some kind of record.  Ah well, he is still pretty darn cute.


(photos courtesy of Phillip’s friend Michael)


having a good laugh with Boopa

flash lights are cool


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