We chucked our whopping two year tradition of traveling hours round trip to a monastery in Aurora, hunting for hours in sub zero temps only to settle for a sub par pricey Christmas tree, out the window.  Instead we loaded the Squibb family up and headed to Menards.  Yep, I said it.  Menards.  We even found a fun cart with one of those cars on the front with two steering wheels.  Score!  We located our beautiful $26, 6 footer in less than ten minutes, loaded up and paid before even one tantrum or any frost bit fingers. Now that, my friends, is a Christmas miracle! 🙂

Although I can hear Clark Grizwald crying, motherhood has taught me, often in painful ways, that simplicity is best.  No need to force torturous traditions.

Also, I will have you know, it is our first tree that actually smells like a Christmas tree!  Thank you Menards.  We are sure you must have gotten this fine tree which you can offer at such a low price in some unethical manner, but ignorance is indeed bliss!

Here are the kids trimming the tree

smoothie break

the star….which doesn’t work, but a star none the less!

Today at Hazel’s school

a live nativity, complete with animals….and a plastic baby Jesus

very cute

Hazel was an angel….of course 🙂

(she is in the back left)

close up

she had no clue what was going on

The cast

little angels

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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