(And about 2 hours of toll roads) to Mooma and Boopa’s house we go!  I mentioned we visited my parents last week since I had an unprecedented 3 days off and dad and I had some special elf work to do in Santa’s his workshop.  We had such a fun visit.

One afternoon we visited Great Grandma and Grandpa.  Callum was an absolute riot.  He was  really showing off at the nursing home,  traveling the halls and greeting everyone (coherent or not) with a enthusiastic “HI!”

My new favorite pic, smooches from Great Grandma Bud.

He got a kick out of her bed.  It was really low to the ground.  Perfect for him to hop up on it whenever he wanted.

We should have shut the blinds but a cute pic of mom, her parents, and the kids.

Great Grandpa Ray had a cool watch that talked.

When we got home the kids baked some sugar cookies with Mooma.

cutting out his cookies

rolling the dough, quite the little baker

I love the look on Callum’s face in this pic.

sugar cookie making is VERY meticulous work (in case you didn’t know)

frosting.  she was very focused

getting a tad crazy with the frosting

so serious

working away.  Can’t wait to show you what we made…..after the holidays 🙂

Callum and his new BFF (I am sure you can imagine why)

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