We celebrated Christmas in Port Byron with my parents and brother this year.  It was a low key, eat a lot of good food, play board games, visit, laugh, watch movies, kind of Christmas.  My favorite.  We had a big family gathering on Christmas and that was so nice to celebrate with my mom’s side of the family.  We had such a wonderful time and were sad to leave.  We are now home for a day to regroup for our trip south to Salem to celebrate Christmas with Phillip’s family.

family shot

and yes, Phillip has on a white turtle neck and red dickie, his ode to Uncle Eddie

our family of 4

FDR reflecting by the window (he was just keeping the chair warm before grandma and grandpa arrived)

Callum’s favorite gift: squishy blocks from Rachel

he even took two to nap with

Mom must have been REALLY good this year!

The Davis clan, and grandma and grandpa came over on Christmas day.

Callum, Addi and Lauren

love this pic

our gift for Addi!

the big reveal

dad and my play kitchen #1

(more on this later)

Grandma and Grandpa dig in to their gifts

Callum helps….

Mom and the kiddos

Doe and Uncle Kent, chillin’

The Wilcox and Davis family (well a small portion of them)

The Ulrey/Squibb/Wilcox Family (Hazel was napping)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe Christmas season!


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