Squibb Christmas pics coming soon, but first, the play kitchens revealed!

Dad and I came up with an original design and found a great use for some of his scrap ply wood he had been holding onto out in the garage.

We worked like little elves

(mom took pictures)

and the end product, I think, came out great.

We made two play kitchens for two very special kids

My cousin’s daughter Addi

and our nephew (Phillip’s brother’s son) Caleb

Here are the two in the beginning of the process, starting to take shape

We gave Addi hers first since we were in Port Byron for Christmas


the top


play kitchens aren’t just for girls

anyone who thinks that is lame

we opted for open shelving versus a cute curtain, more manly

added some storage bins

I think he liked it

although, he is so polite, if he didn’t he would never let on 🙂

(Callum helping Caleb break in his new kitchen)

Hope you enjoyed the end results!  If you are interested in any specifics let me know and I will post a tutorial, right now I just wanted to get the pics up!



3 thoughts on “Santa’s Workshop

  1. Awesome! My boys got a kitchen for Christmas a couple years ago…but it’s not as cool as yours! 🙂 I got a hand sander for Christmas this year…so put up your tutorials…I’m ready to makeover some furniture!! 🙂

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