A few thoughts swimming around in my brain…..

I got myself Hazel the Taylor Swift (Speak Now) cd for Christmas and totally love it.  I was never really a fan but I thought Hazel would like it.  I am so impressed that she writes all her own songs and music.  Really digging it.


Today I begin teaching 3 classes at The Beverly Arts Center, Chicago.  All three theatre classes all three with young kids.  Yikes!  But, I am super excited, way more than I thought I would be.  I haven’t really missed the stage, truth be told.  After beginning, what has now become a loooooooong hiadus to be home with the youngins.  Granted, that was why we came to Chicago, but things change and so do people.  I am really looking forward to this new teaching chapter where my theatre and familial worlds collide.


Phillip gave Callum his second haircut last night.  He did reasonably well.  Callum just looks so old and sooooo much like Phillip. What’s with that?  I carry them for 10 months, nurse and care for them and they can’t even manage the tiniest resemblance to their mother???


Hazel loves lip gloss and chap stick and all things lip-stick related.  Is it wrong that she has pink glossy pink lips in preschool?  I mean, I love lip gloss, isn’t it only natural that she would too?


I nearly severed off the tip of my finger at work last night.  That got me thinking of how totally grossed out I would be if the person handing me my food/ drink had 15 bandaids on their finger.  I felt kinda bad…..well, at least it was well covered.

Dora bandaid


This week began Callum’s second consecutive week of waking up at 5:30 am.  I have no idea why.  WE are ALL exhausted.  Any advice?  I remember the days when 7am seemed early…That would be Heaven now a days.


It has been a beautiful week, but, I am a winter lover.  I mean, why live in a northerly climate if not for snow????? 50 degrees on January 11th, crazy!  (Hazel insisted on a skirt and adamantly denied ever being cold)

Some pics from our nature walk today

Callum thinks his scooter is a segway. He didn’t understand why it wouldn’t move

They thought this was hilarious


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