I have been away for quite sometime.


sicker than a dog actually

I ran a fever of 104 and a little over at times all week

I mean I took tylenol, but when I didn’t, bam! it went right back up

it was terrible and scary

I finally went to immediate care on Thursday, the doc pretty much said “I have no idea what is wrong with you, but it’s not good,  looks viral, so here’s a script for a z-pack.”  _thats me paraphrasing btw

thank goodness for the antibiotics

Saturday was my first full day fever free and today I continue to recuperate

mom and dad were in town for a wedding and dad is staying for a few more days to help out on the home front while I regain my strength and health

yeah, he’s pretty great

Although I have to give Phillip props, he stayed home with me from Wednesday on (after he realized I wasn’t faking it) and he took good care of everyone

Basically this post is to tell you I am on the mend and will be slowly getting back to blogging.   I have no pictures as taking snap shots was furthest from my mind and no funny antidotes, besides how Phillip tried to make me believe the beautiful floral arrangement that came was from him (it was from my parents).    Although, if you ask me about The Office, Modern Family, Glee, The Daily Show, and….gulp….. The Bachelor, I am quite up to date.




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