Pinterest: No Heat Curl UPATED

I had to add this

I tried this again with almost dry hair

I had a small amount of mousse in it and just dampened it and tried to comb it out as best I could and here is what I got the next morning!  Crazy!

It seriously looks like I spent hours curling each tendril!

Holy light socket!  Don’t worry, it calmed down.

twins 🙂

having so much fun with these nice orderly curls!

also this tutorial is really good too

Yeah, I am kind of obsessed, its just so easy and it works!


I am addicted to pinterest like most people now-a days.

Since having kids the curl has gradually left my hair.  On a good day I have a nice wave, so I was interested to try this no-heat curl.

I watched this video tutorial last night and had to try it.

I was skeptical, but let me tell you it worked!!  It was sooooo incredibly easy.  It took me 5 minutes to do and I did it with wet hair, since my hair is so thick.  I didn’t think I would be able to get it all in dry.  Girls, this is awesome!!!

I took some pictures of the process

The roll

(yeah, I know, I am one lucky girl)

This morning

after a dab of mouse and some makeup 🙂

looks like it was curled with an iron!

Nice face

I think I found my new hair technique!

(kids fixated on the garbage truck coming down the street)

Thanks Papermama!

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